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Lovenest Camera Housing

Lovenest Camera Housing

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Wooden ring which can be inserted between the Lovenest and the roof and thereby forms the housing of the security camera (web cam). It's best to first purchase the camera (e.g. Reolink Argus 2 or 3, Arlo 2 or any other camera with similar dimensions, each with a solar panel and memory card) from a specialist retailer or any online shop and test it on site. (Mostly with a guarantee and right of return). Then if it's functioning at the desired spot, order the Lovenest Camera Housing. What happens in the Lovenest can then be viewed and recorded at any time on cell phones and computers.

Ø Cylinder (outer): 20 cm
Ø Cylinder (inner): 14 cm
Wall thickness: 3 cm
Height: 10 cm (from camera lowering)
Weight: 400 g

Screws for fastening to the Lovenest.

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